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Dessert Menu

Lemon Sorbet £2.90
A real lemon with flesh removed, filled with tangy lemon sorbet

Orange Sorbet £2.90
A real orange with flesh removed, filled with refreshing orange sorbet

Funky Pie £2.90
A biscuit crumb cup filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with toffee sauce and hazelnuts

Punky £2.50
Something children will enjoy, vanilla ice cream in a plastic toy

Coconut Dream £2.90
A half shell filled with rich creamy ice cream filled with lashings of coconut shavings

Bombed by Chocolate £2.90
Chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce covered in real Belgian chocolate

Strawberries & Cream £3.10
Strawberry & cream ice cream served with fruits in a glass

Coppa Fantastica £2.90
Vanilla & Caramel ice cream, with toffee pieces, chocolate balls and caramel sauce